Hard Pass

Hard Pass

Win 80-to-1 Playing Craps!

Hard Pass is a high-payout proposition bet for casino dice games. Hard Pass is made on the shooter’s come-out roll. If the shooter rolls a hardway point (hard 4, hard 6, hard 8, or hard 10) and then makes the point with the same hard number, the Hard Pass bet wins 80-to-1. If the shooter rolls something else on the come-out, or doesn’t make the point the hardway, the bet loses. Hard Pass has a house edge of 9.1%.

Example Layout

Hard Pass Layout

Game Benefits

  • Hard Pass can be bet every come-out roll, not just every new shooter. That’s 2.5x as often as most jackpot-style dice bets. Plus, with the Hard Come variation, players can bet every single roll.
  • Many new dice bets are based on shooters going on hot streaks. That means when those side bets win, your table is already dumping – and the last thing you want to do is pay out a jackpot on top of that. In contrast, Hard Pass is unrelated to whether a shooter is on a hot streak. A shooter might make just one point and win the Hard Pass bet, or might make ten points without hitting one Hard Pass winner.
  • It takes as little as two rolls to win, and Hard Pass reaches the exciting stage of “I might win on the next roll” every nine come-outs on average. The impact of this is hard to overstate: every time the shooter comes out on a hard point number, the dealers will announce that the hard pass bet is active, and the whole table will be rooting for the hardway during the entire point. No other craps bet has such prolonged excitement.
  • The Hard Pass has a high payout, but not so high that it triggers tax consequences: you’ll never have to stop the game to hand out W-2G forms. Plus, the wager limits can be much higher than the typical $1-$5 limit on other dice side bets. At a $50 limit, the Hard Pass bet has over 10x the potential win per month of other proprietary games.
  • The Hard Pass bet doesn’t require dealers to push around bet-tracking lammers.

Other Information

  • Hard Pass is approved for play in Nevada and Mississippi.
  • Hard Pass is described by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,661,677 and 8,118,309.

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