Odd and Even

Odd and Even

The easiest bets on the table!

Odd and Even Craps are two single-roll bets for casino dice games. Odd pays even-money on 5, 7, 9, and 11, pays 4-to-5 on an odd craps roll (3), and loses on any even number. Even pays even-money on 4, 6, 8, and 10, pays 4-to-5 on an even craps roll (2 or 12), and loses on any odd number. Both Odd and Even have house edges of 1.1%.

Example Layouts

Odd and Even Layout

Odd and Even Layout 2

Game Benefits

  • Odd and Even are the simplest bets on the table: everyone knows what they mean.
  • 1.1% is the lowest house edge of any single bet on the craps table.
  • Odd and Even can give novice players a gentle introduction to the rest of the game while they’re learning to play, and veteran players can use Odd and Even with many hedging or combination strategies.
  • Both Odd and Even win exactly 50% of the time, resolve every roll, and are usually 1-1 winners, so they facilitate betting systems play such as the Martingale or Labouchere. This style of play tends to be more entertaining for some players and leads to bigger action.
  • Because Odd and Even resolve every roll, they can earn over twice as much as the passline — even though their house edge is lower.

Other Information

  • The Odd and Even bets are approved for play in Nevada and Mississippi.
  • The Odd and Even bets are described by U.S. Patent No. 7,377,513.

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