Royal Replay

Royal Replay

What every video poker player wants: more Royals!

Royal Replay is a new way to play video poker that increases your chance to hit a royal flush. Making an extra wager activates the Royal Replay feature, giving you a second hand that automatically draws to a royal flush with payouts not only for hitting the royal but for coming close.

    CREDITS 1000
    BET 1

    How To Play Royal Replay

    • Click on BET MAX to activate the feature. The best hold cards toward a royal flush will automatically be held in the secondary hand.
    • You can force 3-to-a-Royal or 4-to-a-Royal on the draw by using the gaff buttons above.

    Game Information

    • Adding the Royal Replay feature will double coin-in for any video poker game without requiring any extra player decisions or slowing down the gameplay.
    • Royal Replay is applicable to all video poker paytables and game styles.
    • The Royal Replay paytable may be adjusted to change the house edge or volatility. The paytable above has a payback of 98% and a hit frequency of 8.8% or 1 in 11.4 hands.
    • This demo shows the basic gameplay and selects the royal hold cards in a simple left-to-right fashion whenever two or more draws to a royal are equally valuable, such as 10 of hearts, King of clubs, and three low cards (the 10 would be held). A more complete implementation should allow the player to select their lucky suit or pick the highest-ranking cards first, etc. Such configurations are implementation details but do not affect the mathematics or gameplay.

    Other Information

    Royal Replay:

    • is part of the Replay Poker family of games. Other Replay Poker games include bonus wagers on hands that automatically draw to five-of-a-kind, flush, or straight.
    • is described by U.S. Patent No. 8,403,737.

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