Design and Analysis Services

Olympian Gaming offers several related mathematical analysis and game design services:

Slot Game Design and Math

Olympian Gaming has a proven history of successful slot machine math for land-based casinos, real-money online casinos, and social, virtual-currency casinos, including from-scratch game development as well as improvement and tuning of existing games. With dozens of games designed, developed, and approved by regulators, Olympian Gaming has the knowledge and experience to help you with your next slot project. Past projects have included almost every kind of game feature imaginable, including 3-reel single-line games, video multi-line games, free spins, second-screen bonuses, expanding and stacked wilds, banking or accumulator features, and progressive jackpots. Most analyses are performed using spreadsheets, while software is written when necessary. And we can jump in at any stage of the project, from initial concept design and storyboarding all the way through to final specifications and analysis.

In addition to game features, we can help you target your games to specific player types. We can adjust game math to meet requirements for payback percentage, hit frequency, volatility, bonus entry frequency, progressive frequency and average jackpot size.

Social Casino Design

Most social casino teams have experience in the casual gaming market but not the casino industry. What works for the average FarmVille player doesn’t work for the average slot machine player. If you’re developing a social casino on web or mobile platforms and you didn’t know you needed gaming math, let’s talk. Olympian Gaming worked with Double Down Interactive to optimize their game designs, and shortly thereafter, Double Down Interactive was acquired by IGT for $500,000,000.

Game Software Evaluation

The math doesn’t matter if the code isn’t right. Olympian Gaming has deep experience in game implementation testing, including statistical verification of both RNG results and game outcome scaling, as well as higher-level rules-implementation testing. We can help you make sure that the game you’re offering is actually the one you intended to, and avoid “broken game” mishaps that cost you or your clients money. This is especially important for online casino vendors whose clients may be underfunded and cannot afford any mistakes or downtime, and for social gaming operators whose revenues relate to game hold. It’s critical to ensure the rules are implemented correctly — for both slots and table games. If you’re not sure your games are perfect, get in touch.

Table Game Analysis

In many respects, table game math is harder than slot math. Player strategies and dealer procedures are complicating factors that must be addressed. You should have a mathematical analysis performed if:

  • You’re a game inventor and you just came up with a new table game idea but can’t calculate the house edge.
  • You’re a casino operator and you want to adjust a game to improve floor performance.
  • You’re a casino marketing manager and you want to run a promotion that involves a rule change or betting change (e.g. free play).

Olympian Gaming can crunch the numbers for you and let you know the odds — and whether the game or rule change will work. Using the same techniques and methodologies we use for analyzing our own games, we can provide a detailed statistical and operational report on your game, including:

  • The game’s house edge or expected value.
  • The hit frequency for each game outcome.
  • The player’s optimal strategy.
  • The house’s optimal strategy, if applicable.
  • A player’s likely bankroll fluctuations.
  • Hands per hour estimates and expected revenue and profit over time.
  • Dealer procedure considerations.
  • ROI and cost/benefit analysis for marketing promotions.

Additionally, with over a decade of successful experience having games approved by regulators in multiple jurisdictions, Olympian Gaming has the know-how to help you prepare and submit your new game to regulators for approval.

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